Hair & Make-up Photo Shoot

Today I got together with my beautiful & talented friends to finish our project. Amy did the make-up and Melody did hair. (Brides please email me for their numbers.) Along with all of our models, we decided to get ourselves all dolled up for a change and take some photos too. Thank you to Steve and Destinie who took our photos and to all of the lovely girls.

Mel & Amy

Melody (hair) Dana (photo) Amy (make-up)

Destinie's Senior Pics

Shellie & Destinie (hard to believe but Shellie is the mom!)


Our beautiful bride, Maria

The Twins: Michelle & Nicole


Our other pretty bride, Christina

Dana with the sisters previously known as the "The Schroffs" (Sorry guys, these hotties are married!)

Dana with the sisters again (sometimes I like to pretend I'm a Schroff).