Mattie Mae at the Beach

For this sweetie's birthday, we went to the beach. My philosophy on kids is to let them be kids and work with that. Why would anyone want a fake picture that doesn't show what the kid is really like? They may be hateful at times, but that is how they really are! And that great, perhaps hateful moment should be captured forever. These cuties were fun to be around with only a minimal amount of crying. But that makes for more interesting pictures!

He got soaked by the wave and was a little upset about it!

Sometimes, you just feel like yelling.

After all it is all about the birthday girl.

Mattie Mae is also the name of Lia's (Mattie's mom) line of cards for parties and special occasions. You can find them (if they're not sold out) at Wonderland Bakery in Newport Beach. She is possiblly working on wedding invitations that I'm very excited about!