March 11th Wedding

Today I ventured off to a wedding at the Shandon Hills Golf Course in San Bernardino. It was raining really hard most of the day so we couldn't use the golf course much. The couple was very nice and I had so much fun with them (and all the rowdy groomsmen) at the reception. They even fed me, which is greatly appreciated.

Hair by Melody Rachunok.

This one was taken by one of my associates Steve.

It was insisted that we take this photo by the man I fondly refer to as "That guy". You know, the guy that gets drunk, hits on you and is loads of fun. Yup, that's the guy.

Ahh, good times. Also taken by That guy. This dude is strong. He lifted all 110 pounds of me (yeah right in 4th grade!) No really, he is strong.

That guy again (one with his eyes closed). This almost didn't make it. Tongue guy tried to delete it from my camera. Therefore, I had to post it.