DISCLAIMER: This is a very large blog. Read at your own risk. This will be full of fun facts about my family that I may only find fascinating!

I went to Ohio (or O-H ten as my Dad calls it) to visit my Dad and my step-mom Patte. I had such a wonderful time. It was just the right amount of relaxation and excitement! Of course I made my Dad some cookies, which is his favorite thing ever! Patte took me thrift store shopping and they're way better than the thrift stores out here. We also had a BBQ with the entire family. We looked through old pictures and I managed to escape with a few really awesome ones. Finally, I have a picture of my Dad from high school where he's not sporting a mustache and/or glasses. I can see how much I look like him!

My Dad Dennis, twin Aunts Carolyn and Marilyn. (Aren't they cute?! ) and Dad with my Uncle Ed.

This is a collage of some of the things I loved about Ohio. The house is my Dad & Patte's that used to be my Grandma and Grandpa's. The room, otherwise known as the "Pepto Bismol Room" is their guest room that my Grandma painted pink. Everyone in the family hates it. But of course Patte and I love it! The fence and trees are behind the house. I love how the trees look in the winter.

My new bestest friend, D-fer. He belongs to my Dad and Patte. My Dad pretends not to like him but we know he loves him.

This is almost all of the family that lives in Ohio. I was so happy that they all got to come to the BBQ. Another fun fact about my family is that there are 3 sets of twins. I have aunt twins, cousins (that are fraternal twins) and 1st cousin once removed twins. Only one fraternal and one identical are in these pictures though! I hope I have twins!

Patte and Daddy with me.

My Dad and Patte took me to Carrilon Park. I got to see a lot of historical items from the Wright brothers. I learned all about how they got their first plane to fly. One of their hobbies was photography and they have the camera that took the photo of their first flight in air. It's the camera below in the collage. I found out many fun facts about Dayton that I never knew!

Carillon Park

We drove by this house with all the flags in the yard. That's not something you see everyday so I took a picture. My Dad told me later that it's a flag for every soldier that has died.

These bears were made with Grandma and Grandpa's old shirts in remembrance of them.

If you want to have one made, please contact Belleene@aol.com. Each bear is unique and really special.