Las Vegas Extravaganza!

The DWF (Digital Wedding Forum) had a convention in Vegas. But before I went, I found out my favorite comedian, Dane Cook (if you haven't heard of him, you have to check him out, he's hysterical!) was going to be at the Mandalay Bay one night before. They wouldn't let people in with cameras so I have no photos of the show :( but it was worth mentioning!

The very next night was the DWF convention where hundreds of photographers get together to learn and party for the week.
Some of the most amazing photographers (and all my favorites) were there. Here's a list of my absolute favorites:


Jules Bianchi


Chinin and Doug Boutwell

Mandy Marie (one of the funnist people in the world to hang out with and I get to 2nd shoot with her this month too!) They are all a huge inspiration to me.)

On the way home from Vegas, we usually stop at Jeremy's with our friends. Not only is it a place to get food and use the restroom but we like to stop there and take pictures of the sign since Jeremy is my husband's name.