Weddings with Leigh Miller

While in San Diego, I got another chance to shoot with the very talented Leigh Miller. It was such a beautiful wedding and nice couple. I was so relieved after trying to find the place for 2 hours! (that is why you should never forget your directions. I love to come up with new ways of getting lost!)

Here's some of the ones I find interesting. I can play since I'm the 2nd shooter!

Leigh and her obsession with doors! Why not, they're awesome!

Here's some other cool door shots with doors!

Here's the other wedding I did with Leigh Miller a couple weeks ago that I didn't have time to post.

Everyone went crazy over these flowers. I've never seen place cards done like that. Very creative.

His expression is great when he sees his bride walking down to meet him!

Thank you Leigh for letting me come along and for all your referrals. It's greatly appreciated!