Niki & Mike, Wedding at Muckenthaler Mansion......

Last Sunday we shot this very brief wedding (only 3 hours) on the Muckenthaler Mansion but we still managed to take just as many pictures as 6 hour one! I won't even say how many because it's ridiculous!! Here's some of our favorites:

Putting on her earrings.

I just love the framing and her expression on this one that Jeremy shot.

How cute are these shoes? And his cute little face is adorable.

The happy groom.

The ceremony.

This was way fun! I actually fell when I took it.

Taking a moment to relax.

The couple's cute little guy. He loved getting close to the camera!

We teased them about this cake topper since it looks nothing like them.

This is awesome. It's the perfect picture of what marriage is like.

Thank you Niki and Mike!! We hope you had a wonderful honeymoon!