Destinie is Leaving!

My dear friend/adopted niece is leaving to Monterey for college (good excuse to visit the Aquarium up there) We're going to miss her so much. So here's our last little dinner for awhile with our Destinie:

Destinie and Dane-y

Destinie and Wyatt the cutie

Owen and Timmy. (That's what he calls Jeremy)

The Beautiful Family: Amy, Joian/Mom, Chrissy, Melody and Destinie

Owen doesn't want Destinie to go either!

A great gift for a gal who loves to look at herself!

Wyatt enjoys a self-portrait by Destinie.

As you can see by her birthday blog, she hates pictures!

I think she's telling her Mom that she didn't steal that one article of clothing in question.

Destine and her gorgeous Mom, Shellie (she's one of our beautiful brides)

Destinie and Tiffany or as I like to call them, "Destiffy" It's much easier to say. I'm hoping it will catch on.

The boys always have such a great time at get togethers and never get bored with the girls.

Some of my favorite Destinie moments from 05':

We're going to miss you soooo much Dest! You're beautiful on the inside and out. You are smart, sensitive, thoughtful and so much fun. And you're my favorite "huggable buddy". God bless you in everything you do. We love you.