My favorite things..

From yesterday's blog, I got several requests for more photos of our living/working spaces. So instead of taking more of the place, I wanted to take pictures of the things that make it "our place". Home is where your stuff is....

Our adorable little 5x5 albums.

Spice Rack and shakers I found at an antique shop.

I got this green thing at a thrift store and I just love it. Right now I'm using it for tea/sugar.

The cutest little ball jar salt & pepper shakers brought from Cambria with love from our best friends.

Meet my Kitchen Buddy! He's a little scuffed up but I still love him.

The color of our office that just happens to be very similar to our website. Purple used to be my favorite but anything close to this hue has replaced it.

The toy Holga camera, which I will be using more at weddings this year.

I love old pictures (probably why I became a photog) and these are some of my faves. My grandma/grandpa in the flower frame, my dad/uncle and twin aunts.

So now we've come to the baking section of this blog. Baking just happens to be another thing I love and Brandie (one of my favorite people) just happened to come over with some cupcakes ready for frosting.

Chopping walnuts and using a knife to get them in the measuring cup but most ended up on my floor. Thanks Brandie!!

"BranDana" (that's our superhero name). Our power is making each other laugh uncontrollably while spreading joy to those without a sense of humor.

The end result of BranDana's labor: beautiful delicious cupcakes.

These are just a few things that make me feel like I'm home. I hope you enjoyed!