Fun at Balboa....

Today we had a "ringed session" (more fun to say than engagement. So from now on, it's ringed sessions) with a cute couple Tiffani and Garret. We had met with Tiffani and she booked us for their wedding but we hadn't met Garret yet. She kept telling him how cool we are (because we really are- he he!) and how cool Garret is. So we finally got to meet him and he came up with some pretty cool things!

We loved that they were up for anything! Here are some of our faves from today:

Garret's cool skull tattoo. (Jeremy loves skulls and tattoos too.)

Jeremy got this one of them peeking through.

The only thing I love more than photo booths is taking pictures of photo booths.

Jeremy's word to guys: take note from Garret, get involved in the engagement shoot. Here Garret stuffs Tiffani's face with cotton candy.

I loved this one that Jeremy got of their soda. It's so old fashioned.

Here he makes a heart out of the cotton candy and gives it to her!

Don't really know what they're doing here but it sure is funny!

Thank you so much for being so creative with us. You guys are the greatest!