Ringed in Corona.....

This evening we did a shoot with our friends, Shawn and Cassie. We all live in beautiful Crown Town so we decided to have the shoot at Corona's new shopping center Dos Lagos. It has some really neat architecture. Shawn and Cassie were fun to shoot and we had a great time!

Jeremy got this gorgeous one of Cassie!

I got this one.

Some people think I take all the pictures. But Jeremy takes good pictures too! (I have to admit I post more of mine because I know what I'm looking for when I blog. Shh, don't tell him.) He took these:

Cassie looks so graceful. She's actually a dancer.

It's like we're in a beautiful meadow......

or by a cool fence....................but we're just in Corona.

Also from the mind of Jeremy.

I can't believe what amazing eyes she has. I just can't stop looking at her!

Btw, her hair was done by Melody at hairbymelody@yahoo.com and her make-up was done by Amy at thebridemakers@yahoo.com.

It's hard work being so beautiful so she had to take a little nap.

God made dirt and dirt don't hurt.

It's like their little Dirty Dancing moment. Girls, you know what I'm talking about!

----Jeremy's Note To Guys: Always wear underwear to a shoot. There is a possibility with our shooting style that your pants might rip.-----

Thank you Shawn and Cassie for the most unforgettable evening of our lives!