Wedding at The Bel-Air Bay Club with Jules.....

Saturday I got to shoot with one of my favorite photogs, the adorable Jules Bianchi. The wedding was at the beautiful Bel Air Bay Club. I can't believe it had been a whole year (almost exactly) since I shot with her last! And as usual, it was so fun!

I always like finding cool reflections. This is one of the bridesmaids.

Before they see each other. I like how they're both looking in opposite directions.

It was windy and her veil looked pretty.

The beautiful bride.

I always think it's funny when grooms hold the bouquet. And he even smelled it!

It was such a nice day after it had rained a lot the day before. And they're so happy!

I got to be up on the balcony during the ceremony.

Their cake had coffee beans all around it and on it and the smell was amazing.

This was fun.