A wonderful day....

On May 18, Jeremy and I shot Ellie & Matt's wedding at the Wayfarer's Chapel. It was special place for them since Matt's parent's got married there years ago. It was a really cloudy day (just like the engagement) but as soon as we got to the reception at Parker's Lighthouse, it was beautifully sunny.

We were so happy for them! These are the kinds of weddings that make all discouraging times worth it. And they even fed us and gave us the most amazing present ever. Ellie's mom, Karen Schnepf is an artist and they gave us one of her works of art. They have no idea how much we appreciate that. I almost cried when I opened it! We love it.

We made a slideshow of some of the highlights of the day. Hope you enjoy!

Thank you so much Ellie and Matt for having us be a part of your wedding day!