Dirty Dancing has been out 20 years....

One of my favorite movies of all time, Dirty Dancing had a 20 year anniversary showing on the big screen Wednesday! It's hard to believe I was only 6ish when it came out! So I wouldn't miss this if my life depended on it! I love the story. I think when you grow up watching a movie, it has so many different levels of meaning to you. It reminds me of good times growing up, watching it with my best friends and the songs are some of my favorites. It just made me wish I could dance! But at no time do I ever know what my arms and legs are doing! (as you can tell from the photos I'm in below).

Dirty Dancing on the big screen.

Hey, I'm being phased out of the group.

....this is better. Tiffany, Amy, Melody and Dan-y (have to add a "y" so I fit in.)

Amy and her antics!

Because being nerdy is sooo much fun! Don't judge us. We had "Time of our Lives!"

You know you wish you could be here!