First Days in Hawaii.....

We're in Hawaii having such a great vacation! And it is so wonderful being with my family that I don't get to see nearly enough. The first night we got here I went outside with my nephews to shoot some photos. Here's what came out of that: My sister's front yard. She lives about a block away from the beach.

My nephew Jack.

My nephew Joey.

They're really camera shy! And before we got here they were saying that they wouldn't let us take their picture!

They were really interested in taking photos so Joey shot this one of Jack and I love it!

The next morning I woke up at 5am and went on a walk with my Dad, Patte and Jill (my sister.)

The very same day, we hiked up to Makapuu Lighthouse. It was a really great scenic workout.

Fun fact: My sister tells me that this is where they shot the episodes of Lost (it's filmed on Oahu) where the others are pretending to live in the teepees.

Jeremy got this cool shot of my Dad, sister and me when we didn't even know it.

This is the lighthouse at the top of the hike.

The next morning after a rainy night, there was a beautiful rainbow. Amazing day as usual.

On our way back from the coffee shop. Jill and Joey.

Stay tuned for part two of Hawaii and I'm sure I'll end up making a slideshow too!