Hawaii Part Two....

We're home now and missing Hawaii! And not just missing Hawaii but the family we shared it with! We had the best time. It was the perfect mix of relaxing, doing fun stuff and being very active- We got more exercise that we normally do! The next few days of Hawaii.

We went snorkeling and saw all these awesome fish!


Not sure what this guy is.


Ha. Just kidding. Jeremy actually shot these at the Aquarium. But we did go snorkeling a few days later. Jeremy took a bunch of pictures with an extremely overpriced underwater camera that we bought on our Kayaking trip.

Cool stuff Jeremy and I shot on our bike ride to the coffee shop.

I love this sign Jeremy shot and processed.

I really like little old churches.

Our favorite Chai. We ended up buying 4lbs of it. It's soooo good!

Jeremy got up early one morning and shot these:

My Jahnke Family Fave.

I love this photo of my sister and Dad that Jeremy got.

Last ride to the coffee shop.

These are for Patte since she really wanted me to take some flower pics!