Michelle & David Goodies...

Sometimes there's just not enough time to blog everything! So this is part two of Michelle and David's first blog.

The Slideshow. Aren't they just the cutest?! I just had to make a slideshow of their wedding to their song, God Only Knows. He actually sang it to her as a surprise at the reception and it was great! Click here for Michelle & David's Slideshow.

We got the film back from Michelle and David's wedding and we love how it turned out:

This one is from the 35mm camera. I really like this moment as he's waiting.

From the Beloved Holga:

This one is really interesting. It's actually a double negative. You can see more of them walking away.

And how cool is this? They gave us our very own boxes of chocolates with our names on them!

Michelle had this to say about us and I wanted to share:
"Dana and Jeremy are the best. Both my husband and I love them as people and as photographers. It was great having them at the wedding. They put us at ease and we actually wanted them as guests! If anyone can make people look good in photos it is them." Aww. We heart them!!