Other Wedding Stuff.....

Tiffani and Garret are a super cute couple of ours that really appreciates what we do. Tiffani LOVES pictures and wants them for everything! So I shot her shower a couple of weeks ago and we both shot the rehearsal this evening. Their wedding is tomorrow and we can hardly wait! Everyone in the wedding is great!

Here's a little collage from the shower. So much girl fun!!

I loved this one of them walking down the aisle. They'll be married when they do this tomorrow!

She made the tags and got us gifts!! I got one of my fave CAO Moontrance cigars and some awesome headbands (how did she know?) and Jeremy got one of his fave cigars Romeo y Julieta and some awesome vintage prints of cigars. How thoughtful!

At Taps we went outside for a little shoot.

They were playing one of Garret's songs by Bob Marley, No Woman, No Cry.


The guys with their cool mug and beer gifts they got.

The fun girls.

Thank you so much for dinner and for the gifts and for everything. Can't wait for the wedding tomorrow!