Tiffani & Garret, Wedding at Coyote Hills Country Club.....

This is going to be a long one! We had such a wonderful time with Tiffani, Garret and their family and friends! It was so great to know everyone already from the rehearsal and shower. It really felt like we were shooting our good friend's wedding. We love them! We've never cried so much! Both of us were in tears half the day. They're the biggest sweethearts ever. The wedding party was crazy (there's even a questionable photo Jeremy took of the guys I can't even blog!!)

I started the day with Tiffani getting ready and Jeremy was with Garrett.

Jeremy took pictures of all the guy's tats:

And the guys.

One of the most unique and pretty dresses I've ever seen.

So Tiff!

Jeremy got this cool shot of Tiffany and her mom right before they meet her dad to walk down the aisle.

They have a moment while their moms light the unity candles.

Making us all cry by singing "Grow Old with You" from The Wedding Singer.

Love her flowers!

So Garret! He's always doing something silly to make us laugh!

The amazing cake with feathers.

Cake fun!

I laughed so hard when I saw my face! I was thinking, "how am I done with my shot first when I started later than all of them?!"

The reception was a blast. These people know how to party! And Tiffani told us to put our cameras down so we could party too (we didn't put the cameras down but we did enjoy the party). So there's a couple of pics of us in here! We have the best job ever!