Corona High School Visit....

Last week (I know I'm behind on blogging!) we went to Corona High School to visit our beloved photography teacher, Mr. Nino. We brought him his favorite lunch from Miguel's and had a wonderful time chatting about photography.

Nino was my very first photography mentor. He got me to buy my second film camera, The Canon AE 1. (I used and loved that camera until it got stolen out of my car a few years ago). Here's a picture of it:

Nino was always very positive and encouraged me to develope my technique and always said I "had the eye" and that can not be taught. I took his class almost every year. The year I didn't I was in there at lunch always working on something. Jeremy also took his class one year and he failed! Jeremy was every teacher's worst nightmare! So that's kind of funny, one of his best students and worst ones got married and started a photography business!

From the archive. I keep everything. I'm sentimental. What can I say?

From the very first roll of film I ever shot in Nino's class. I still love old cars.

HA! My class ids. For those of you that don't know, my maiden name is Sensenbaugh. Aren't you glad it's not Dana Sensenbaugh photography? I am!

I couldn't find my Senior photo (but I did find some parasols I'd been looking for! Don't you love it when that happens?) So this is my Sophomore pic. It's the best photo from school I ever got. I wish you could see how bad my Senior pic is!

Jeremy's photo of me from Senior year:

Us with Mr. Nino. He still looks the same!