L.A County Fair!!

On a whim, we decided to go to the fair. We didn't make to the O.C fair or the L.A one last year. I HAD to go because fairs may be one of my favorite things ever. And it's kind of a family tradition. My step dad usually takes us and he buys us drinks and food and forces us to consume it while we walk around until we want to pass out. Jeremy's a trooper and will tolerate it with me while I make him buy silly things and sit in the photo booths! So we decided to go late and stay late.

Fairs make me so happy!

My favorite nerd.

We're serious about our corn!

Lemonade and corn dog on a stick. Yum.

I love photo booths! I don't even care that it costs 4 bucks now.

Our own pictures of us in the booth!

Our first try didn't come out so we did it again and the guy sold it to us for one dollar.

So besides the food and photo booth, this was my favorite thing about the fair. A horse and a steer that are so freaking huge you'd have to see it to believe it. Really, I'm amazed. It was so fun watching people come around the corner, faces in amazement! If you can see the last pic where Jeremy is standing by the horse. He's 6'2 and look how huge the horse is in comparison!

The huge-mongous steer. It looks so much bigger in real life!

Two tired mama pigs and Amy kissing a cow!

Famous Pink's. It WAS really good. A summery of everything we ate: corn on the cob (Jeremy had two), Corn dog on a stick (he also had two!), taco's, Pink's Chili Dog, Ice Cream, Lemonade, Horchata, and shared a funnel cake with John and Amy! Way too much but sooo worth it!

And of course, ending the evening with a cigar and foot massage.