More shoots in Yosemite......

The film is developed. And I finally am able to do Yosemite part two. This is a long post since I am cramming eveything in here! We have three more shoots, cross processed and holga film and scenic pictures to show you. Take a looksy:

Some cool Cross Processed Film:

From Steve and Chrissy's Shoot.

Cool Holga image of the cute little church.

Scenic bikeride:

Across the view from the pic above are these cute little houses.

My amazing adorable comfortable bike.

Half Dome at sunset.

A deer in the meadow:

Shoot with Destine. We always tease her that she looks like a manaquin so I call this "dead manaquin girl".

Early morning fam/maternity shoot:

Another cross processed film image.

Owen couldn't be any cuter if he tried!

I love this Holga image of Owen.

Yosemite Flowers.

This cross processed one came out so cool!