Tiffany & Kyle, Wedding at The Benedit Castle.... committed at a castle! Before we met them we didn't even know they had any castles in this area. It's called The Benedit Castle in Riverside and it's a perfect place for them to get married. It reflects their personality.

The groom.

The Castle:

This one was taken by our other bride named Tiffani. She came with us to see what we do, was a great help and took lots of cool photos!

Getting ready.

These lovely ladies were best friends with Tiffany's mom who passed away last year. Her memory was honored throughout the day.

The Ceremony.

Bride by the cool door:

You know how I feel about swirly things!

Tiffany's mom and dad's sign.

I love the light on this.

Thank you Tiffany and Kyle for having us! Have a wonderful time in Thailand!!