Useless Fun Facts.......

A blog without photos! Even though I love to think I'm witty, I'm sure you come here for the pictures. I know it takes a little more energy to process words but c-mon, you're here anyway. You probably want to poke yourself in the eye because you're so bored at work right now. Save an eye, read up!

Our photo-friend Kristine Che "tagged" us with this thing that's going around to photographers. I guess we're supposed to post 8 things not a lot of people know about us. Since we're two, we each get to do it. It's our blog, we make the rules! Why the heck not?!

8 Fun Facts about me:

1. I love cookies. No. I don't think you understand how deep my love for cookies goes. If I didn't become a photographer I could have been very happy (fat and happy!) being a baker, owning a bakery of some sort. Christmas is my favorite time to bake. I spend days slaving with love over different kinds of cookies. My favorite is home-made chocolate chip. Yum.

2. When my Mom was in labor with me, a weird word she had never heard before popped in her head. It was eleemosynary. She never knew what it meant until I found it in the dictionary when I was fourteen. It means charitable.

3. In elementary school I tested extremely high in English and extremely poor in Math. I mean really bad. At one point they thought I had some type of learning disability!

4. I have really bad spacial skills. I'm a klutz. At no time does my brain know where my arms and legs are!

5. I love kids but I want to wait until I'm 30 to have them!

6. I'm terrified of flying. I now have a system. Two drinks right before takeoff (it costs 20 bucks but it's well worth it!!) and 1-2 when we get up in the air. After that I'm okay.

7. When I was around 4 or 5 I went down to the lake to get the top of the cooler. I reached in to get it and I fell in. No one was around. I didn't know how to swim but somehow I got out. I never knew how I did it. I wasn't very strong and I couldn't reach the dock. Even being that little, I felt like it was some kind of miracle.

I could only come up with 7. That's enough. I'm sure you're sick of me by now. Stay tuned for Jeremy's coming up next.

And I'm supposed to tag someone else. I'll try my friend Leigh Miller.