Eric & Morgan, Wedding at Veranda's.....

Saturday we shot a lovely wedding with such a wonderful couple, Eric and Morgan (aka. the Gabe/Janise and Derek/Jen "cop crew". The wedding took place at the cute Veranda's in Manhattan Beach.

Loved her shoes and dress!

Enjoying a cigar at the hotel.

Their chunky rings.

The cute little favors.

I love the fall flowers and the cute little girls.

Her veil was blowing all over and we love that. How cute is the little girl trying to hold it?

I love when this happens!

Part of Morgan's vows to Eric said that his smile can light up the whole room and I couldn't agree more!

And her smile is so beautiful too!

A little moment during the ceremony.

Night-time flare.

How cute are their tables? Each one has a different name.

Taken by the lovely Jen. I love our faces!

Thank you Eric & Morgan so much for taking care of us and for such a great time!