More from Ohio.......

Well as usual, we took a lot of pictures! It is so beautiful right now, we had no choice. You don't see red and orange trees in California!

We visited the cute little town of Fairborn, where Patte works:

My dad joked about taking a picture of this and it came out really good!

Cute coffee shop.

The owner of the town, Mike Foy is really into Halloween.

I love this one of Jeremy!

Trees in my Dad and Patte's backyard.

I love this house nextdoor.

Ohio flare.

Their house is the cutest one on the block! I love the black and white shutters.

I love this pic Jeremy took of Dfer. He looks guilty!

Jeremy took this and I love it.

They have their own personal Christmas Tree in their backyard!

Family pics:

Everyone that made it to the BBQ.

Jeremy always tries to take horrible pictures of me that's why I have my hand up!

Crazy cat Stubby.

Jeremy's cool pic.

Our new friend, Christy.

Beautiful colors!

We're getting home late nonight! We'll miss Ohio!