A loving fam.....

What an eventful weekend we had! We shot two big families and a really special shoot (more on that later).

When we first talked to Rene (aka the Grandma) she said she was in love with her family. That couldn't have come through more in the photos. This family really adores each other and it was so refreshing to see. The Grandparents have been married for twenty two years and their daughter has been married for eight and they couldn't be more in love! It was such a blessing to meet these wonderful people.

I absolutely love this picture!

How cute is this little guy?!

Grandma, Grandpa, Jackson and Dylan.

Aren't they such an adorable fam?

Swing fun:

Love their expressions!

Mom and Dad time.

The boys starting crying at the end of the shoot. They were done!

Their love for each other was so touching, it actually brought me to tears!