Another fun fam....

Meet our friends, The Bos Fam. You might recognize them from this Wedding. (And they're actually related to the people from the previous post too). We've known them for a long time. I realized that I've know this fam since 7th grade. And Jeremy met The Bos at church when he was in elementary school. So it was fun shooting them as a fam after all these years.

Grandma Lore makes this picture fun for me.

This is so them! Too bad you can't hear John's laugh!

Boy Fun.

Momma Edie and the boys.

Papa John and the girls.

If you know Grandma Lore, you just love her and this is awesome.

They still love each other.

Audra and Madison.

Our friends are really, really good-looking:

Jony and Emily. The only not-yet-married couple.

Bryon and Darci.

Steve and Chrissy.

What happens when the guys (including the photographer) get together.

The Girlies.

Thanks Bos Fam for so much fun!! Love you guys!