Bryon & Darci, Wedding at Southcoast Winery....

For the second amazing wedding of last weekend, we shot at another beautiful winery, South Coast Wineryin Temecula. It was originally supposed to be at Los Willows in Fallbrook but the fires did some damage so it was moved. And it worked out perfectly.

It's really fun to do a wedding with people that you've known for a long time. What's not fun is when your husband is an obnoxious groomsmen! Other than Jeremy's antics, it was such a beautiful day. I just kept thinking about our wedding (and why I married such a crazy!) since so many of the same people were there! Same pastor married us, same flower girls, some of the same bridesmaids and groomsmen. It was fun!

It was so hard to choose but here's a few faves.

The dress.

The vineyard outside the room.

Cool hairpiece.

Cute girls. Make-up by and Hair by

The Guys.

Flowers by Murrieta Flower Girl.

Bryon and his girls.

I love how Darci's laughing and Bryon's crying!

Touching moment before the ceremony where Dad prays for his son.

He took a camera up with him in his other hand.

He shot this from up there.

Pretty place.

Communion with the new family.

Walking away to their new life together (it may sound cheesy but it's true!)

3 Fave things:1.Flare 2.Swirly Things 3. My new Jules Bianchi presets!

Another Black and white preset via Jules.

New Happy Family!

Me and some hot groomsmen. (Thanks Emily!)

Proud Papa.

A very familiar sight. This very thing happened at our wedding!

She had the most fun dancing with Levi!

Shaking it with the girlies.

Again, it's "That Guy" at the wedding.

A special thanks to Rosana, the coordinator from Los Willows. You did a fantastic job!