Day After Thanksgiving Craziness!

On what is now referred to as "Black Friday" I got up at 3am and braved the cold and crazy people in line at Wal-Mart . Then I realized I am now officially one of them! Oh no! Ha. It was such a fun time and even Jeremy and Steve joined the girls this year and had a blast. First, we met our friends at Wal-Mart that got there before us at 3am (Thanks Mel and Dest!). We waited until 5am for the doors to open and we got so many awesome toys for the kids! Then Jeremy and our friend Steve waited in line at Target so we had a good place in line. And we got a bunch of good stuff there too.

For our final destination we went to Dos Lagos and found out that they were giving away free gift certificates to 1000 people, some up to $1000.00. Chrissy wanted to wait so we did. We also got interviewed by the Press Enterprise and Chrissy's Interview is on there! So you have to check out Chrissy's interview Here. You can hear my voice but they cut me out! Good thing, I looked hideous! Jeremy and I both got $10 gift certificates, Steve got $25 and Chrissy got $100!! Yay Chrissy!

Then we went home and took a nap before our ringed session in Long Beach (more on that later).

For all you people that refuse to shop on Black Friday, you're missing out! It's so much fun!! We are now officially ready for the Holidays!