Day of the Dead Wedding....

What an amazingly perfect wedding at the Wien's Family Cellars. You may remember Dave and Candy from our Death of the Single Life shoot. I had no idea that session went so perfectly with their wedding. Such great details, amazing bride, groom, everything. And everyone wore black. Very cool. So check out some pictures already!

So hard to choose because it was a perfect day. Really.

They sent out their amazing invitation in a coffin box!

Putting on her cool black shoes. I love her hands.

She gave him this cool print, while he got her a bat skeleton!

Seeing each other for the first time.

Love the black ribbon.....

....and spider hairpiece.

Can you believe it came right of the camera like this?! Yeah right!

I love this one.


They're really the sweetest couple.

Amazing veil #2.

This was way too funny not to post!

In the vineyard.

Lots of candles and cool centerpieces.

The picks read "Candy Picked Dave" and "Dave Picked Candy."

Cake Toppers. Her sister made them!

Thank you Dave and Candy for sharing your perfect day with us! You guys are amazing. And thank you Cassie for referring us to them!!