Santa's Workshop!

I MUST post a Christmas-y blog! It seems like this month went by way too fast! And it makes me sad because I love Christmas. I love to wrap, bake, send out cards, decorate the tree and do creative things. I just didn't have enough time to do everything I wanted! Boo Hoo!!

I did have two really great days: a wrapping party with my girlfriends and a cookie day with my mommy. That's what feels like Christmas.

Our cute little three and a half foot tree!


My fave ornaments. My Wizard of Oz ornament (love the movie!) and the baking one since I love baking and with love too! And of course the to go box.

A little something I'm working on for our clients.

If I don't bring these goodies to fam functions, people will be angry! This year we added home-made biscotti to our bunch. Yummy!