Christmas Card Designs.....

So since we got rained out of our shoots last weekend, I needed to post something! Here are some of the Christmas Cards I designed. One thing I'm trying to do this year is not be so much of a perfectionist. I wanted to post these at Christmas but I ran out of time, so normally I wouldn't post them at all! But I'm posting them anyways-even if it's just for the archives.

I REALLY love designing. It's a lot of fun for me. It gives me another outlet for all my creative energy.

Horizontal Post Cards, 2 sided:

1st Baby's Christmas Card.

A Thank you/Christmas Card.

Vertical 2 sided:

Photo Card:

4 sided cards, front, back, inside:

My sister's cute fam!

Christmas/New Address Card. We used pics of their new home and address.

These next two are some of my all time fave designs, probably because it was a team effort. They gave me most of the wording and so many ideas that I just brought it to life. And I LOVED how they turned out!! I still can't figure out if it was more fun for me to design or for them to give them out! They said they got tons of complements and some people even cried. Wow!

This one is a large format 5x7 card so it opens up to 14 in. Pretty neat. This reads front, back and inside.

The one is a regular 5x7 4 sided card.

Did I give enough examples or what?!