Bridal Workshop at Los Willows.....

I can blog again!! I have sooo much stuff to blog. I'll start with this.

Last Sunday Dana Grant Photography and our favorite hair stylist Melody was invited to be part of a workshop at Los Willows. We met Rosana (she's awesome!) the coordinator from Los Willows when Bryon & Darci's wedding moved to South Coast Winery due to the wildfires.

It was so fun to meet people and especially talk to the other photographers. For all you aspiring photogs, networking with other photogs is a great help to your business. Plus it's fun to talk to other people who go through exactly what you do!

Some pics of our little set-up:

Melody and I didn't realize that we were going to be miles apart from each other for the day so I didn't get a chance to take pictures of her booth (boo).

But I was able to get a shot of her cute little handouts.

And here are the 8x10s that I put together for her and Amy.

Hair by Melody and Make-up by Amy Marie Clarke: