Keli & Marc, Wedding at Cannon's in Dana Point......

Last Saturday we shot a super fun wedding at Cannon's in the city that was named after me, Dana Point! Keli and Marc are a wonderful couple referred by another one of our wonderful brides, Erin (thanks Erin!!) We had such a blast with them and their family. They even invited us out with the party after the wedding but we had to get up early on Sunday. Boo for getting up early!

I just loved how Keli's mom was holding her while her sister helped put on her shoes.



So happy!

I loved this moment right before they walked down the aisle.

Adorable couple.

Jeremy caught this great moment.

This kid is my hero because he can take pictures and break-dance at the same time!

Our other photo buddy taking pics of his mom. Adorable!

Fun was had by all!! The end.

Thank you Keli and Marc for sharing your day with us! (And for the chocolate cake shot!) You guys are awesome!