Day After Session at The Queen Mary......

The morning after Julie and Jose's wedding, we did a day after session at The Queen Mary, where the wedding took place. Side story: Don't walk around the Queen Mary alone. When we first got there, I went to find the little girl's room. I walked down a long hall, no one was around and there was scary music playing. I got totally creeped-out! Then I couldn't figure out how to get back because everything looks the same. Scary! I would NOT ever want to stay the night there!

We started inside. I love how old The Queen Mary is.

Then we went outside for some rainy day fun.

I processed this one to look old. I think it looks really cool with the rain and the texture that mimics it.

Jeremy rocked the rainy photos!

Jeremy had envisioned this shot for a long time and it finally came together.

Thanks Jose and Julie for braving the cold rain with us!

I had to add what Julie said in her email to us,
"WOW!!!!!! Those came out amazing. I have to say I was a little concerned because of my hair and face "the morning after" but that doesn't even show in the finished product. I am so glad you pulled us out in the rain too...I bet no one has wedding shots like that!"

Thanks for your kinds words, Julie!