Trash the Dress Shoot in Palm Springs.......

While I was on my way back from my Vegas trip of a lifetime, Jeremy went to a Trash the Dress Session with a group from our favorite forum, The DWF .

The shoot was in the hot desert of Palm Springs. And Jeremy's not your typical Mexican; he doesn't do well in the heat! (I can make these jokes because I'm Mexican by association!) So poor little Jerm was really hot, sick and miserable but he managed to get some really great stuff anyways.

The first bride. It was really windy and Jeremy got these fun shots! Totally spontaneous and not planned at all. It's perfect. It's almost like she's dancing!

There were a few different hair and make-up people there and we didn't know who did who. We just found out that our girls, Melody and Amy did this bride!

Stay tuned for more of Jeremy's pictures from this shoot!