Farewell GPS system....

Our car got broken into (probably by a homeless person since we were parked right by the trash and we've seen them going through it) and they stole our GPS system out of the glove compartment. And just for fun, our insurance doesn't cover it!

In order to cope with these HUGE (I'm very dramatic at the moment! Ha!) loss in my life, I'm writing a letter to the good ole GPS:

Dear GPS,

I'll miss the way you used to get us to places earlier than expected. You were so smart and always knew the best and fastest way to get there.

I'll miss how we didn't have to think about which way we were going. Sometimes, you'd even talk to us. But if we ever got sick of hearing your voice, you'd be quiet too.

We'll miss how we NEVER got lost. This is very important as I'm super creative at finding new ways to get myself all turned around.

I'll miss all the fun adventures we use to have just driving around with the security of knowing we could always find our way back home.

But most of all, I'll miss how we could find any food or any store our little hearts desired. You always knew exactly what was closest and easiest to get to.

It was like you could read our minds.

Farewell Friend. There will be an empty place in my heart until we meet again!

Yours truly,
Dana Grant

Jeremy took these pictures of the glass on the ground.....

.....and the glass in the seat: