More from Salvation Mountain...

Here's a few more details from Salvation Mountain I've been meaning to post. In case you didn't know the story of this Leonard Knight, he has worked his whole life to paint this mountain about God's love. And he lives in a house without electricity or running water! That's hardcore! You can read more about it here.

We got to meet Leonard after a film crew was done making a video of him. He was a very nice man with the best aged face. The kind of face that you know has been through a lot and has so much character. He gave us a DVD about the mountain and we asked him if we could donate a few bucks for the paint. He said "I only want people to donate if it comes from the heart." Very cool.

I love taking photos of other people's art.

The view from the top of the mountain.

The paint cans were everywhere as it's a never-ending project.

Painted on a pinto.