The van Zoest Family, Balboa Park San Diego....

Friday we shot The van Zoest Family. Our friends Rik and Jhentry worked with us when lived in San Diego. Now they live in Georgia so we haven't seen them since we quit our jobs (to pursue our photography dream!) several years ago. It's really funny that the whole thing came full circle! It was really great to see them again. And they brought Rik's family too. So we had three different fams to shoot. It was such a blast! I had to split these up into two blogs so here's the family portion:


Jade, Jasmine, Sander and Pearl.

Jasmine. How fun is this?! Jeremy got these great shots.

Jhentry and Bailey.

I love Pearl's face!

Bailey is a happy girl!

Fun with Opa!

Fun with the whole fam!

This ribbon from Jasmine's dress saved the day! Playing jump rope.

Emmi said Oma was her Best Friend!

Snack time. One for Bailey......

....and one for Opa!

Two of my faves:

Thank you van Zoest Fam for a great time and wonderful dinner!