Amber's Graduation...

In between our wedding madness of June, we shot Jeremy's cousin Amber's graduation from Corona High School (where I also graduated.) It brought back so many memories of my graduation day. The weather was exactly the same and I felt completely transported back in time. I even got a bit teary eyed remembering how I was feeling that day: So excited to leave high school and start my adult life, I didn't even cry then. It only took 8 years and my cousin's graduation to get me all emotional about it!

If you only could have seen Amber's mom in action! She saved us all seats and was guarding them with her life!

Jeremy got a really great spot and with the telephoto lens was able to get some really great shots of the whole thing.

On the walk down.

The view from the stands as she gets her diploma.

This is my FAVE.

Amber, mom, dad and brother.

Sooo happy!

Now you see why it's okay when I make Mexican jokes!

They LOVE taking pictures!

Amber with our Nana. She's the most wonderful Nana ever and we love her!!!

Fun after pizza.

A race broke out and Jeff won. Now you REALLY see why I make Mexican jokes!

We love you so much Amber and we're so proud of you!