Leilah + Zack, Rehearsal at The Cosmopolitian

Last night we shot Leilah & Zack's rehearsal in Palm Springs. This totally feels like a destination wedding! We arrived early and spent so much time with everyone, which is what we do! We have an adorable room Friday and Saturday night. Then Sunday we have their day after session and pool party. So we have a super fun weekend extravaganza ahead of us!

A few pictures of The Cosmopolitan:

The pool.

Amazing house filled with amazing decor.

Some fun decor for the wedding.

Meet Coco...

....and Fiona.

Gorgeous and happy bride-to-be!

Dean was very emotional and made us all cry!

How cute are these guys?!

I adore this shot Jeremy got.

Happy groom-to-be!

One from dinner:

Stay tuned for the wedding AND day after session festivities of Leilah and Zack!!