Melissa + Patrick, Engagement in Laguna Beach...

We met Melissa and Patrick on our San Francisco trip. Their wedding is in Walnut Grove (northern Cal, yay!) But they happened to be in town for Patti and Danny's wedding (Patti referred Melissa to us!) So we did their shoot at the only time that worked; 7am!! They were so sweet and bought us coffee and goodies! My favorite part of the session was shooting inside Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. They had their first date/kiss right outside of it. Melissa used to work there and knows the owner! So much fun!

Started at Starbucks (which used to be Diedrich's Coffee. So sad.)

Closed but not to us!

The Tsunami! They sent us home with one! It was gooood.


In the spot where they first kissed.

We didn't tell them to do this. People were staring at them!

Thanks Melissa and Patrick for all the goodies and fun!