Patti + Danny, Wedding at The Bel Air Bay Club

Last weekend we shot the beautiful wedding of Patti and Danny at the The Bel Air Bay Club. Jeremy and I did the first look and all the portraits before the ceremony so we had a ton of time (which we don't seem to have at a lot of our weddings!) so it was nice. Thank you Gianna and Company for making this day go so perfectly!

More views of the Prada shoes. The saying goes: "You can never have too many shoes." I say you can never have too many PHOTOS of your shoes!

Her dress had a really unique gathering.

The girls:

Their first look:

They were laughing and crying!

Both mothers wore traditional Korean attire.

The ceremony:

My fave from Jeremy. Such a fun moment!


Her veil was flying all over the place and someone said, "the veil is crazy and unpredictable." And Danny said, "Just like Patti!"

Performing the dance they practiced!

The valet gave the guests these adorable favors as they left.

Fun with the rings.

Danny's feeding face cracks us up!

Thank you Danny and Patti for sharing your day with us. We hope you're enjoying Italy and your luggage is found!!