Becca + Jim, Wedding at The Orange County Musuem of Art

What can we say about Becca and Jim's wedding? That is was fantastical, amazing; perfect? Well it was just that. We enjoyed every minute of it. They are such a fun loving couple and it was great to be around so much love. Venue Orange County Museum of Art Gorgeous Decor/flowers by Inviting Occasion Printed items by Write Invitation/ West Coast Wedding Design

I started at the house with Becca.

Adorable shoes!

Becca looking all gorgeous!

Sooo Becca!

And Jeremy arrived to the guy's room with all of them in their underwear! (We won't embarrass anyone with the pictures!)

I entitle this, "The Usual Suspects."

Here's a close-up of the above. Sooo funny!!

It was fun using the space at the Museum:

The ceremony:

We went outside for a few and Jeremy got this funny shot!

Some details after dark:

Fun was had by all!