Jenna + Jeff, Engagement in Oregon: Multamah Falls and Downtown Portland

For our second day of shooting, we drove to Multamah Falls and then to downtown Portland. Jeff tells me it's "not that bad" of a hike while Jenna was saying that it was really hard! Jenna was right. But we were the only ones that had a hard time! Jeremy was even carrying all the heavy camera gear and he was fine! But I'm glad we did it. It was probably the sole reason I didn't gain any weight on our trip!

We found a log that looked just like the one in Dirty Dancing (one of my fave movies ever) so Jenna danced a little bit. So funny!

Then we shot in downtown Portland.

What! I like out of focus pictures.

Jenna is really camera shy! haha. She said that she wants to have her own reality TV show called "Just Jenna!" I can totally see that happening too!

I love sequences!