Nice words from Patti + Danny!

This is one of the funniest/cutest little notes that we've received and I had to share it! It just brightened our day!

"you guys are so freaking amazing!!!! seriously. we LOVE the pictures!!! I was right about to call you, but we didn't want to disturb your dinner. you don't understand, i've been obsessively looking at the pictures on the blog over and over again for the last several weeks... now we have another THOUSAND to look at!! everyone who's seen any of them have said that these are the most beautiful, unique wedding photos they've ever seen. LOVE IT. how do you guys do it??? there's a really wonderful range with the photos. you guys are, no doubt, the best wedding photographers EVER. how do you get everyone to look so good in all the pics?? it's crazy. and the background. and the effects. and the crazy veil!! and everything. oh my goodness. ok, when i'm a bit more articulate (and not hehehblah
blahheheheheilovepicturesssss), i'd love to write a recommendation/referral for you guys. hopefully one that doesn't sound like it's written by a crazy person. you are definitely making waves though, my friends are already asking about you guys! and they're not even engaged yet!!"

- Patti + Danny, June 28, 2008 The Bel Air Bay Club

Thank you so much for this Patti & Danny and sharing your wedding day with us!