Rachunok Family Fun!

You may remember The Rachunoks from countless other blogs- They are the most photographed family on Dana Grant Photography's blog! Owen is our favorite little guy; always so much fun! Since Levi was born, we haven't taken a family picture! So it was about time. We had fun as usual! It was really hard choosing but here goes:

Owen decided to bite Levi's foot!

Owen looking all dapper! His little lips are too cute! He's getting so old!

The family portrait.

This looks like the mistake that you wouldn't buy at a crappy portrait studio.

"Owen ponders life." This reminds me of an Owen story: One time when praying for dinner, Owen was thanking God for this person and that person. Then he said, "....And thank you God, for God." And that is just one thing that makes Owen so awesome!


I adore Owen's look of elation!

Mom brought the cutest little horsey!