Emily + Jony, Engagement in Pasadena

Jony Bos and The Grants go way back. We've been waiting for the perfect girl to come into his life and she did! Emily was introduced to Jony from a mutual friend (Melody), which is funny because their extended families have actually known each other for years!

As I was looking through the pictures, I couldn't stop smiling. They're both so cute that when you combine them, you get a double dose of adorable-cuteness that you can barely handle! They have such a sweetness about them.

They wanted to do the shoot in Downtown Pasadena so we just made a day of it. And we took a gazillion pictures. So get cozy; this is going to be a long one!

And we just realized there will be seven of our couples at their March wedding!

FACT: Emily is adorable.

This feels very New York to me. I've been dreaming about going. Sigh.

One of my faves that Jeremy shot.

Guess who poked their big head out?!?!

I wanted to get a Polaroid of me and Emily too but I ran out!

One of my other faves that Jeremy shot.

This one reminded me of a Paparazzi shot of the hot couple.

I love the primary colors in this.

Jony proposed to Emily by giving her these shoes with her new last name.

Jeremy did this with the camera.

FACT: Jony is a giant.

Jony Bos.

Dancing cuteness.

They even make picking their noses look cute!

We love you Jony + Emily and we're so excited to be a part your wedding day!