Levi's First Birthday!

Levi is Owen's younger brother and it was his very first birthday. And Dana Grant Photography was there to document yet another historic event in the life of The Rachunok Family!

This party was a pirate theme and it was lots of fun!

The Birthday Boy!

Aunt Amy and Pirate Owen.

Owen enjoys a snow cone.

Levi did NOT enjoy his cake!

But he did enjoy this niefty piece of cardboard.....

....and this snow cone.....

....and being tossed in the air!

I love shooting kids eating. And they kept yelling, "El Pollo Loco!"

Aren't we cute?! Melody, Levi and Dana. (Thanks Amy!)

I adore Levi's laugh!

Trenton having fun in the jumper!

The whole fam!

Happy Birthday Levi! We love you!